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All of us here at Scrub & Clean are dedicated to making sure that your home looks fantastic. From top to bottom, inside and out, we’ll scrub, clean, and make your home shine like new.


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Residential Services

No one likes to live in a dirty home. It’s embarrassing to have guests over or even worse, the health inspectors taking notice of your hovel.

Imagine stepping out of a long day at work and coming home to a clean house. It’s an image that can be provided to you where your facility is cleaned thoroughly right the first time!

However, time catches up with us all so we all need some help keeping our homes clean. For some of us, that help can’t always be there when it’s needed. That’s where we come in to make sure that your house is as immaculate as when you first moved in.

Scrub & Clean, at a low cost and with low stress for you, gives you peace of mind knowing that your home is being maintained by experts who care about making sure that your home remains spotless and sanitary.

Commercial Services

To satisfy your customers and keep them coming back, you need more than a nice looking space in which to conduct business. You need an approachable, responsive atmosphere with deep cleaning that doesn’t create delays or distractions.

As a commercial cleaning services provider. we offer deeper level of cleaning and disinfecting for your restrooms, breakrooms, and lobby areas. We provide you with the satisfaction of a clean and hygienic environment while saving you time, stress, and money.

Let us take the hassle and cleaning out of the equation. We are experts at finding solutions for all your commercial cleaning needs.


When it comes to post-construction cleaning, the role of a professional cleaning service company is highly needed and valued. There are actually numerous reasons why a professional company cleaning is vital.

A thorough cleansing is necessary in order to save the customer from possible health issues because of neglecting proper sanitation by the owner or contractor. More so, if there are pets, family, and employees living in the property while the construction work is still ongoing. Secondly, the owner will be at peace knowing that their property is being handled by experienced and capable hands either they are far away or doing something else during the cleanup period.

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